How can You Decide; Transition Lenses are for You or Not?

How can You Decide; Transition Lenses are for You or Not?

Choosing a pair of eyeglasses is not something that needs to get any expertise. It is not a question about the shape of eyeglasses frames like square or round. But style, size, colors, and lens features sometimes make an irresistible decision.

But first of all, before going into detail, you have to ask yourself about what kind of prescription sunglasses? Do you want to go with the traditional sunglasses or cutting edge transition lenses? While both have their own merits and drawbacks, but the comparison is essential.

So that you could decide with which you should pick and best for eye protection. Below here is a detailed explanation about the merits and demerits of both eyeglasses. These answers will help you with which choice you should go to.

What are Transition Sunglasses and Their Functions?

What are Transition Sunglasses and Their Functions?

Transition lenses that another name is photochromic lenses are particularly designed to adjust according to light. They become dark when they exposed UV light. Besides, the lenses are fixed with trillions of silver and chloride halide molecules.

When these molecules exposed sunlight, they become stimulated and start to change. Such kind of reactions makes a reason to become the darken molecules.

As a result, they come in the shape of tinted lenses that look like sunglasses. Same as the lenses become dark in the presence of bright light; they turn into clear as a step away from the sun. But they take some time approximately 30 seconds to become dark. But they become clear and take almost 3-4 minutes.

Pros and Cons of Rx Eyeglasses with Transition Lenses:

Pros and Cons of Rx Eyeglasses with Transition Lenses

People who have a strong refractive error, they need to wear glasses to see objects. Well, transition lenses provide a suitable solution for sun safety. Perhaps, you will wonder that such lenses can provide UV defense. But it's true, and they do.

Instead, keep an extra pair of sunglasses with you; it is the solution to keep only one pair of eyewear. The upper part of the glasses will provide a vision solution. Additionally, the lower part of the spectacles will deliver UV protection.

Besides, these lenses are available in different designs, styles, and colors, and one can be of your choice. They have more conservative options that provide a professional look. But every plus side has drawbacks as well.

Well, transition lenses are an ideal choice in many ways because they are perfect solution. First of all, these lenses are only triggered by UV rays and cold temperatures as well. Winter temperature can accelerate the molecule reaction. But a warmer atmosphere can slow down its molecular reaction.

So, it can be a bummer in the warmer season because you require quicker darkening. But in the chillier time, they become dark when you don’t need them. The next drawback is its long faded time to clear lenses that people don’t like it.

The lenses take 3-4 minutes to become clear, and during this time, the lenses look hazy or foggy. It is dangerous when you are driving, and you need them to block UV rays. Such a situation leaves the lens fogy effects. Well, some people don’t bother about this condition and accept this change.

The annoying thing happens with these lenses while driving. In the case of driving and the presence of sun exposure, your eyes need UV protection. The lenses don’t become dark due to the windshield. In this situation, your eyes can at the risk of glare that can distract you from your path. 

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